Alexey Shmurak

Alexey Shmurak

(1986, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Co-founder, art-manager, pianist and composer of Ensemble Nostri Temporis. Coordinator of "COURSE" - Kiev international master-classes for new music.

Graduated in 2010 from the Tchaikovsky National Academy for Music. Studied composition with Alla Zagaykevich and Yuri Ishenko and took piano lessons with Borys Arkhimovich. Also participated in reading-sessions with ensemble Recherche and the Arditti quartett. Took masterclasses and lectures with Brian Ferneyhough, Georghis Aperghis, Vladimir Tarnopolski, Yuval Shaked, Enno Poppe, Liza Lim.

Winner of several composition competitions, including "Step to the left" (St. Petersburg 2009) and "Convergence" (Switzerland 2011). As a performer took part in more than 200 world and national premier performances of foreign and ukrainian composers' works. Participant of numerous festivals and projects in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Has an experience of cooperation with famous ukrainian writers Yuri Andrukhovich, Yuri Izdryk and Taras Prokhasko.

Alexey’s music was performed at numerous festivals and projects in Germany, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Among the performers of his works: conductors Petro Tovstukha, Francois Deppe, Grzegorz Wierus, Oleg Paiberdin, Fiodor Ledniov, Vladimir Gorlinski, Moscow contemporary music ensemble, Pro Arte Institute eNsemble, GAM-ensemble, Ricochet Ensemble, Ferdinand Cello Quartett, cellist Zoltan Almashi.

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